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Lucky Dog Kid’s Club Mascot

Mascot Entries

Thank you for all the creative and wonderful entries that we received for the Kid's Club Mascot!!!


Mackenzie's entry, Horseshoe Harley


Drawing submitted by Mackenzie.

Horse Shoe Harley is a farm dog who works to please his owners. His favorite food is sizzling bacon right off the stove! Other than pleasing his owners Harley also enjoys herding the farm animals. He likes herding goats the best because they put up the most fight. Though all of that herding can tire him out! When he gets tired he goes to his favorite part of the barn. He naps in a corner of the barn with the horses. Last thing about Harley is how he got his name. He is very interested in horses and as a puppy the little chocolate lab could not stay away from the horses! This is all about Horse Shoe Harley!

Rescuing a dog is very important and everyone should rescue! All dogs should have a loving and caring family. Dogs need a permanent home to live in. People should rescue because it helps the dogs and people be happier!


Delaney's entry, Lucky the cuddly Beagle

Drawing submitted by Delaney.

Lucky is a fun and cuddly beagle.  Her favorite type of dog treat is bacon.  She really loves napping on my bed.  Every day Lucky likes to go to the dog park.  Lucky is fine with a lot of cats!  I think rescuing dogs is really great because every time someone adopts a dog they make the dog happy.  That is who Lucky is!


5 year old Eric's entry, his Lucky Dog Shelby

Drawing submitted by Eric.  Age 5.

Our dog Shelby. Adopted at LDAR on February 18, 2012. She loves to eat puppy cookies (aka Milk Bones.) Favorite game: tug of war. Her favorite napping spot: on the stairs.

Eric said, "Adopting a dog made our family grow.  She gives us more love."