Owner Surrender Program

If you are unable to keep your dog because of circumstances in your life, we can help you by posting your dog on our website and screening potential adopters and helping your dog meet those adopters.  Since we are a foster home only rescue, we often don't have the resources or the ability to take your dog into our foster homes, so we ask that you hold on to the dog while we are attempting to rehome him or her.  Here is the information on our program:

  • Once we agree to post your dog for you, we also ask that you commit to attending events, so that the dog has exposure and have the ability to get adopted. We have events every weekend, but only ask that you come to 2 a month.  However, the more events you attend the sooner the dog will be adopted.
  • Before your dog is able to attend any of our events, we will also need the medical records for the dog, so that those records can go to the new family - once we find one. You can fax those to us at (202) 380-9077.
  • We require that you sign and fill out our rehoming agreement and once we find a home for your dogs a home, we have a final document for you to sign giving us the dogs to rehome.  A link to this agreement is provided: [Coming Soon]
  • We also need to know the following about the dog (and will need current pictures of the dog so we can post the dog online on our website, petfinder, adopt-a-pet and other adoption related sites):
    • Dog’s Name:
    • Age:
    • Weight:
    • Breed:
    • Sex:
    • Background:
    • Why are you giving the dog up?
    • How long have you had your dog?
    • How is your dog with dogs?
    • With cats?
    • With kids?
    • How much exercise does your dog get a day?
    • Does your dog let you take food/treats/toys away from him/her?
    • Is your dog completely housetrained?
    • Is your dog crate trained?
    • How many hours each day on average has your dog been crated?
    • How is your dog walking on the leash?
    • Does your dog have any behavioral issues like separation anxiety or phobias?
    • Does your dog know basic commands like "sit", "stay", "come", "down"?
    • Have you ever taken an obedience course with your dog?
    • What's your dog energy level?

We understand that this is a lot of information, but all this information will help us place the dog sooner.

If you have any questions about our process, please contact info@luckydoganimalrescue.org.