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Herbie Update!

Thank you to all of Herbie's fans who keep asking how he is doing! He is really settling in nicely to his foster home and starting to put weight on.  We wanted to give you a summary of where Herbie is medically at this point.

Herbie went to see the vet last Friday.  The prognosis was better than we expected.  One of the bites Herbie sustained was a deep puncture wound into a joint.  Despite the attack being over 4 weeks ago, there is still heat and swelling in the area.  Herbie has good range of motion, which is promising, but the heat indicates an infection and his limping indicates pain.  The next step is to sedate Herbie and get a sample of the joint fluid to try to determine the extent of the infection.We need to make sure the infection is not septic and that we get in him on the right kind of antibiotics.  Best case scenario: Herbie needs aggressive antibiotics and physical therapy to regain use of his leg.  If not that, then Herbie may need an orthopedic surgeon to clean the joint.  The good news is that it does not appear, at this time, that he will lose his leg (Thank Goodness!).

Herbie also lost a tooth somewhere along the way (maybe scrounging for food in the frozen ground) and has another tooth that is worn down to next to nothing.  Once we get a clear picture of what is needed to heal Herbie's leg, we will look at options for the teeth. He will certainly need dental care of some kind.

We have started Herbie on anti-inflammatory and pain medication.  We also have him on really good food and fish oil to help his coat regain its shine.

We couldn't do all this for Herbie without the support of people like YOU!  Follow Herbie's blog for continued updates!