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Lucky Dog's Shelter in Pickens County Needs Your Help!

There are certain times you need your family.  The chips are down. Things look bleak.  You weren't expecting this.  This is one of those times.

About 2 weeks ago, vandals in Pickens County broke into the property where our dogs are boarded and destroyed the air conditioning unit.  They harvested the copper, destroying everything in the process.  We are told by police this has happened before in the area and that copper has a lot of value on the black market.

What the vandals didn't know -- and wouldn't care about -- is that the AC unit was paid for by a working, single mother, who scrimped and saved to make a difference in the lives of Lucky Dogs.  Coming into the building one morning and finding it unusually hot, she took a peek outside where the AC unit should have been and broke into tears.  All that work, all that saving.  Destroyed.

For those of you who have fostered or adopted dogs with an ID that started with "PICK," your dogs experienced this wonderful woman's love.  Because the Pickens shelter euthanizes any dogs in their care for more than 5 days, her boarding facility is their only chance at survival.

I don't need to tell you the weather is still hot.

I don't need to help you imagine a living in the south without air conditioning.

I do need to ask you to help.

A new AC unit, with protective fencing, security cameras, and insurance will cost nearly $10,000.

Please consider making a donation to help our Lucky Dogs living in Pickens County.  The days are still hot.  The nights are quite long.  Our dogs deserve better.


I have no doubt that thanks to you, our Lucky Dog Family, relief will be on the way.

Thank you on behalf of all the Lucky Dogs!