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Success Stories

Do you have a Lucky Dog? Share Your Story with us!

I have always had rescue dogs.  I'm currently going through a divorce and I have not had access to my pups since October 2015.  I knew that that there are so many dogs out there that need love, so I took a chance and went to the pet adoption fair.  I fell in love with "Diamond" that day and am so
Lincoln is the sweetest, friendliest dog! We are so lucky to have her in our lives - she has a lot of personality and loves to play and run around with her friends at the park.
We lost our 15 year old pit bull to old age.  We decided it was time to bring in a new family member,  a bulldog.  We knew we wanted to adopt not buy , so we came across Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and saw Honey  (FKA Jazz). We fell in love with her sweet face and here she is with us! She's
We're coming up on our one year anniversary of adopting Dany (previously Noir) from Lucky Dog and are so thankful to have her in our lives.
We met Cooper at the Wags and Whiskers Adoption event in Shirlington last August. We immediately fell in love with this little gray dog with yellow eyes. After a meet and greet with our other dog and 2 cats, she became a member of our happy family.
We wanted to give you a Wallace (Milan) update. He is a dream! Wallace has been enjoying our forever home life. Health wise he has been thriving. He eats well and has been growing in a beautiful coat I did not expect! He has gained 5 lbs of good weight (according he his vet).
Woody came to us in July 2014 and immediately took over. He is the boss of us (within reason) He is such a delight every day.  He's happy, has a great yard, goes on regular walks to the park and has a best friend to play with. He sits on the couch and watches TV with us. He has an outgoing
It's Harley's (f/k/a Mason) second adopt-aversary!  The time has flown! We cannot imagine our lives without this incredibly kind-hearted, mellow, and goofy boy! He continues to blossom and is an awesome road-tripper! He has brought so much love and joy into our lives!
I fell in love with this dog on petfinder.  She has been one of the best dogs we've ever had.We bonded with her immediately. Very sweet and gentle. Our dogs have their own bedroom and lounge around on the sofa when not outside.   Bailey is doing very well.
It was love at first sight!  We adopted Penny (f.k.a Andronico) the day of an adoption event in September 2015  She was 4 months at the time.  She is now 10 1/2 months.  We believe she's a brindle Black Mouth Cur. She's gone through puppy training, is very smart, and well-loved by our


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