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Do you have a Lucky Dog? Share Your Story with us!

We rescued Midge (now Lambo) 9 long, sad days after our former rescue dog Emmy collapsed and died while we were at Disney World, of all places. Lambo has put smiles back on our faces and love in our hearts--and we look forward to every day with her, lots of kisses, and tons of fun!
My love affair with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue started nearly 5 years ago this month, when I adopted my first dog, Reed (previously Clark). Reed was a medium mixed breed, now boasting a full grown, and very handsome boxer/pit style.
Last year, my fiancee and I were looking to adopt a dog.  We had both grown up with dogs a part of our respective families and wanted the first step toward building our own family to be by providing a loving home for a dog in need.  From the first moment we met Ruby (formerly Lizzy), we were so e
When I met a super helpful Lucky Dog volunteer last year at a yoga teacher training, I had been considering adopting a pup for some time.
Hi there! I wanted to say thank you for helping my husband and me find the most amazing dog - Obi (no new name)! 
Mandy (originally MJ) has been part of our family for 2 years.  From the first rainy afternoon we brought her home she was sweet, loved hugs, was not aggressive (we could take things away from her without a growl) but very shy and reticent.
I had wanted a puppy for 4 years. One day my mom called me and told me to search Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. So I did. She helped me find puppies and there she was: Rachel is a pointer retriver mix and is three now.
Our family had been looking to adopt for quite some time. We met Allie at an adoption event, and immediately fell in love with her. Two days later, she was ours. She has been successfully housetrained, and knows sit, down, stay, and leave it.
I think it was April 12th but somewhere around then, we were able to adopt beautiful Wanda. She had just given birth to 8 puppies and, as we watched the Lucky Dog site, we saw all the puppies being adopted but not Wanda. We loved her photos and then really fell in love when we met her.
Happy New Year! Mofongo is doing quite well. In the short time he’s been with us, he has come out of his shell so much. He is quite the ball of energy and loves playing with his many toys and running around at the dog park.


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