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Success Stories

Do you have a Lucky Dog? Share Your Story with us!

We are so lucky to have Cliff in our lives!!
Lu Lu is doing well, settling in more and more every day.
Dear Lucky Dog Animal Rescue,
Sorry to take so long, but I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Tammy (now known as "Daisy") is doing.
A little over two and half months ago I suffered a minor st
Thank you so much for giving me Whiskey.  What an amazing dog!  My daughter introduced me to Lucky Dog, and I was immediately in agreement with their philosophy of "pets first".  I came to the DC area to meet some dogs, and I found Whiskey.  He adopted me- I didn't adopt him.  He just folded into my arms and that was that.
I have been wanting a dog forever, but until recently, I just wasn't at a point in my life where I was able to have one.  Finally, this year, I felt like I was ready.  I knew I wanted to get a dog from a shelter or rescue because I really don't understand why anyone would purchase a dog when ther
I volunteered at an area shelter for over 5 years and know how many homeless animals are out there. All of our animals are rescues from the shelter where I worked. In the spring we were ready to adopt a new dog, having lost our senior lab mix in February.
We can never say enough thank yous to you for giving us Camden. Our trial period is officially today I think and there's no chance for us to give him back. He instantly won the hearts of my family and he is now a part of one.
I adopted my lovely boy from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.  I had always wanted a scruffy dog since I first saw Benji as I child.  I set up an alert on Petfinder so I knew the moment he was listed.  I had volunteered with Lucky Dog Rescue and knew the whole rescue with top notch.


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