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Dear Lucky Dog Animal Rescue,
Sorry to take so long, but I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Tammy (now known as "Daisy") is doing.
A little over two and half months ago I suffered a minor st
Thank you so much for giving me Whiskey.  What an amazing dog!  My daughter introduced me to Lucky Dog, and I was immediately in agreement with their philosophy of "pets first".  I came to the DC area to meet some dogs, and I found Whiskey.  He adopted me- I didn't adopt him.  He just folded into my arms and that was that.
I have been wanting a dog forever, but until recently, I just wasn't at a point in my life where I was able to have one.  Finally, this year, I felt like I was ready.  I knew I wanted to get a dog from a shelter or rescue because I really don't understand why anyone would purchase a dog when ther
I volunteered at an area shelter for over 5 years and know how many homeless animals are out there. All of our animals are rescues from the shelter where I worked. In the spring we were ready to adopt a new dog, having lost our senior lab mix in February.
We can never say enough thank yous to you for giving us Camden. Our trial period is officially today I think and there's no chance for us to give him back. He instantly won the hearts of my family and he is now a part of one.
I adopted my lovely boy from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.  I had always wanted a scruffy dog since I first saw Benji as I child.  I set up an alert on Petfinder so I knew the moment he was listed.  I had volunteered with Lucky Dog Rescue and knew the whole rescue with top notch.
  After losing our Black Lab of 13 years, the hole in our hearts couldn't be mended.  I started looking into adopting a dog and when I saw the picture of Chopo, I knew he was destined to be ours!  The more information I got the more sure I knew he was meant to be our baby!
My boyfriend Nick and I adopted our dog Lily from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue on July 11, 2009. I found her online and fell in love instantly!  She was adorable and her personality profile matched the type of dog we were looking to adopt.


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