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Do you have a Lucky Dog? Share Your Story with us!

I think it was April 12th but somewhere around then, we were able to adopt beautiful Wanda. She had just given birth to 8 puppies and, as we watched the Lucky Dog site, we saw all the puppies being adopted but not Wanda. We loved her photos and then really fell in love when we met her.
Happy New Year! Mofongo is doing quite well. In the short time he’s been with us, he has come out of his shell so much. He is quite the ball of energy and loves playing with his many toys and running around at the dog park.
I got Brownie (Tyrone at the time) right off of the rescue van coming from North or South Carolina. I remember how lost and scared he looked. He had on a coat several sized too big held together with a safety pin. He looked like an orphan.
It's been almost 6 months since we adopted Whiskey and we can't imagine life without him!
Nala has been a blessing to this family.  We sincerely love our little puppy!  Nala has changed our lives in many ways!  Nala is a 1 year old, adorable rat terrier.  She is very energetic, she loves to run and go on walks.  We don't know what we would do without her.
We first locked eyes with our Sophie at a Lucky Dog adoption event at Petco in Arlington.  She was sitting so prettily, with a big doggy smile on her face.  My husband and I looked at each other and immediately walked over to her.
My husband Joe and I knew we wanted to rescue our first dog, after receiving approval from Lucky Dog to adopt in March of this year we began hunting the website for the perfect addition to our family.
Ollie (fka Andrew) was adopted in September 2015 and has made himself right at home, charming everyone he meets.  I adopted Andrew bc the last pup I adopted from LDAR (Cooper, fka Ivan) had developed degenerative myelopathy and my other dog, Zephyr, needed another friend.
I was lucky enough to be blessed with Banjo in early January.
Dear Lucky Dog Family, 


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