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Success Stories

Do you have a Lucky Dog? Share Your Story with us!

Shadow, formerly Fidget, is doing very well!  He is very energetic and intelligent.  He also likes to socialize and therefore enjoys going to his puppy socialization sessions and dog parks.
We love Finley (aka Henrietta).  She has definitely found her forever home with us and we can’t thank you all enough!!!  She’s the sweetest!!
From a street in Puerto Rico to DC, Dalmarita is so happy to have finally found her forever family, and they are so happy to have found her!
We are in love with dear Maya (fka Janis) and are so excited to give her a home!  She is still a little shy, but already showing her goofy, playful side.
Tamara, now Bella, is doing wonderful, enjoying her toys and looking forward to growing into her bed. 
Kylie's been a great addition to our family and has made herself right at home.  We're still working on not jumping but I can't believe how good she is!  I'll keep you all posted as she continues to settle in!
I adopted Griffin in October and we couldn't be happier together.  He's the sweetest companion.  This is a picture from December, when he was helping me with work.  Thank you Lucky Dog for putting us together and happy "Love Your Pet" Day! 
Luna (formerly Lucy) is doing really well, we're grateful to Lucky Dog for the opportunity to adopt her.  Thank you!
During the fall, it became clear to us that our sweet boy Harley (fka Mason) preferred the cooler temperatures, so we were curious to see how he liked the snow.  As anticipated, he absolutely loved it! Hope everyone at Lucky Dog had as much fun in the snow today as Harley! :) 
FDR (fka Yogi) has decided he LOVES the snow!


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