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During the fall, it became clear to us that our sweet boy Harley (fka Mason) preferred the cooler temperatures, so we were curious to see how he liked the snow.  As anticipated, he absolutely loved it! Hope everyone at Lucky Dog had as much fun in the snow today as Harley! :) 
FDR (fka Yogi) has decided he LOVES the snow!
Izzy (formerly Princessa) has settled into her new home nicely, claiming it and all of us as her own!  She loves our other dog (8 month old puppy) and they end each day snuggled up with each other on the sofa.
We adopted a wonderful little boy from Lucky Dog this past a big boy called Milo (previously known as Coal).  He has an incredible endurance!  In the past 3 months we have been training with him for a 25 miles event, which he completed with me!
Life with little Henry is awesome :) He's a whopping 18 pounds!  He's so sweet.  Beyla is getting used to the idea of a little brother, they play great together, and I caught them snuggling on the couch.  He's a very smart boy and learned two new commands already this week.
Success Story:  Autumn, formerly Milan, is such a goofball.  She's my little partner in crime!
We have two lucky dogs.  Cayman (formerly Lefty) was adopted a little over 2 years ago and Mowgli (formerly Ashton) was adopted almost a year ago.  We love them and love everything you all do!  We live in Pennsylvania now but my sister in law is currently a foster for Patty.
Thank you for everything you all do!  Could not resist showing you the then and now photos on my little 70 pound jewel, Kona...he will be 1 year in late February!
We were prepared to expect a TON of energy with Nellie, and we certainly got it!  She is still getting used to our home so she is calm (and super cuddly!) in the apartment, but when she gets outside, she just goes nonstop!
Zoie is making herself at home!  The first night her mom slept next to her, last night she slept in her bed with a nightlight on for the whole night.  :)  She has been doing lots of snuggling and playing.


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