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Success Stories

Do you have a Lucky Dog? Share Your Story with us!

Crackers is quickly becoming BFFs with her new brother Miles!
Henna went to a home with a hound loving Mom and Dad and a new Husky Mix brother (not pictured) named Bourbon! 
Lucy, formerly Noelle, is perfect.  She is so sweet!  We knew she was going to be great dog!
We are so happy with Sadie (fka Annie).  She has brought us so much happiness.  As you can see from the photo, Sadie seems quite comfortable in the Brady household.
Stella (fka Keiffer) just graduated from obedience school at Old Town School for Dogs with her sister Ruby!!  Very proud of my two little scholars:-) 
Daisy (Helen) and our 4 year old beagle are the best of friends.  :)  Thanks so much!!
Buck is doing Amazing!!!  We are all ready to settle in for the night, hang out of the couch and watch the Super Bowl!  We promise you Buck is in a loving home and will have the best of care given to him! 
We had a weekend play date with Kasee (formerly Dandy)'s brother Drake.  So grateful to have hooked these guys up!  Abandoned in a box by the side of the road as puppies; they were brought up from South Carolina together four years ago! 
Catalya and her new brother are having so much fun playing together!  They are all over each other!
There are so many ways that we could describe Rolo, formerly Pixel, that I will simply start with delightful.  He has managed to conquer the hearts of everyone he meets as well as ours, of course. 


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