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Share Your Story: Cletus

Dear Lucky Dog,

A year and a day ago, my husband and I welcomed the sweetest, goofiest and most loyal creature into our life. Although Cletus’ known fear aggression was challenging initially, over the course of the year it subsided due to support from lucky dog, fantastic trainers and veterinary behaviorist. My parents, sisters and their dogs welcomed Cletus into the extended family with open arms and paws. Cletus goes nearly everywhere with us including our favorite beach town-Rehoboth, DE. We will never forget the moment we walked him over the dune and he saw the vast beach and ocean for the first time. He looked back at us like “are you kidding me?!” and became even more excited when he realized how easy it is to dig in the sand and how many fishy smells there was to discover. Cletus also loves hiking in the mountains and watching my husband fly fish. He is the family mvp, carrying all of our water and snacks in his blue backpack. 

We are so grateful to lucky dog, especially Cletus’ foster dad Matt Meersman for bringing Cletus into our lives. Because of you, this has been one of the best years of our lives. 

Angie and Matt

p.s. If any of your rescue parents are facing the same issues we experienced with Cletus and would like to talk to someone who went through it please feel free to provide our info.