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Share Your Story: Murphy

September 2014 I attended an adoption event with the hopes of walking away
with my new best friend. After 2 hours of meeting and greeting dozens of
wonderful pups, I still hadn't met my match. But as I was leaving, I was
approached by the sweetest set of eyes I had ever seen and he instantly
licked my face. There was a family that was very interested in him but once
the mom saw him lick my face, she said "he's not our dog. This guy
definitely belongs with you."

Murphy is so much more than just my best friend. He's the most incredible
soul I have ever come across and has changed my whole world in a way I never
knew possible. He has the most hilarious personality and keeps me laughing
daily. He humors me by allowing me to hug him at least 200 times per day and
always greets me with the most aggressive butt wiggles I've ever seen. I will
never be able to thank Lucky Dog enough for giving me Murph. I always say
that he rescued me because he really has made my life better in at least one
million ways.