Success Story - Charlotte (fka Bangles)!

I was lucky enough to take home Bangles, who now goes by Charlotte (Charlie for short), and I wanted to give you a quick update and say thank you. 

Charlie is the sweetest little girl, and such a cuddle monster! She loves being around people, whether to play, cuddle, or some mix of both. She starts purring before you even touch her and will make it well known if she thinks you're not giving her enough attention. When she's not busy cuddling under your arm, she's tearing around the house like a whip, treating every item in the house as her personal toy. 

She's also more than doubled in size since I took her home, and is growing like a weed. She's close to four pounds now!  Thanks for all you do to rescue these animals and make sure they have loving homes. We couldn't be happier to have Charlie as a part of ours!