Success Story - Cheech (fka Luna)!

It’s been a year since we adopted Cheech into our lives.  When we received her from the transport team she was a fuzzy puppy from the streets of Puerto Rico that was timid and unsure.  It took a while, but she has blossomed into one huuuuuuge personality.  She is a big talker with high energy, incredible intelligence and a slight stubborn streak.  We joke and say that she could host her own TV talk show.   She loves to run on the beach, dig and get dirty, and watch Animal Planet.  She is also pretty darn talented in obedience and agility.   She brings us much joy and definitely keeps us on our toes and laughing. She has created her special place in our family pack and the love is mutual.  We are her forever home. 

July 2015: Cheech (fka Luna) in Puerto Rican clinic getting ready to come to VA.  August 2016:  Cheech being quiet and instigating play at the beach cottage with her sister, Ginnie, and brother, Ulee.