Success Story - Paisley (fka Amy)!

We have had Paisley for a year and a half now but we feel like she's been a part of the family for much longer than that. There was no period of adjusting with her as there are with most rescues, she was instantly home the day we adopted her.  She is a confident dog that knows what she likes.  Some of those things include people who pet her, human scraps whenever she gets them, doggie clothes for warmth since she has minimal fur, and other puppy friends. She has been able to bring out the puppy in our other adopted pibble mix, Jake.  We've had multiple friends that
have met her that say she has changed the way they feel about pit bulls, which is a great thing to hear. All in all we look forward to the lifetime we get to share with our Paisley girl.  Thanks for taking care of her until we could find her.