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Critical Care Fund

Every so often one of the dogs we see in a shelter has serious medical needs -- often requiring surgery and/or complicated care.  We never want to have to make a decision about whether a particular dog will live or die because it has been hurt or injured in the past.  Your contribution makes sure we never will.

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Critical Care Fund Beneficiaries:


Bubba was recently returned because he was suffering from neurological issues, including wobbly legs and some blindness. We sent him to the neurologist today, and the cost of diagnostics is $2,500!

Bubba's testing revealed swelling in the muscle around his head as well as behind his eyes -- likely the result of a severe trauma. (POOR BABY!) The good news is that it will likely not get worse and may get better. The vet prescribed a number of medications to help with the pain and swelling. We are monitoring him closely and are grateful that, at this point, it does not look like a serious disease.

Thank you all for your support and good thoughts for Bubba!


Sad News..... We are incredibly sad to report that Suede lost his battle with Parvo Virus.  We are grateful to the vets at Friendship Animal Hospital for the incredible care they provided Suede, enabling him to fight for so long.

We are incredibly grateful to all of you for supporting our efforts to give Suede the best chance possible.  Although we have not yet paid the full cost of his care, we know our Lucky Dog Family is behind us all the way. And, that gives us the strength to go on.

Rest In Peace, Suede.


Little Frankie has been doing well since you last heard from him!  Thanks to YOUR contributions, Frank was able to have his eye surgery--and his third eyelid was cut open. However, within 3-4 days, his eyelid closed again.  His vet believes that the eye underneath is no longer healthy.  Depending on his health over the next few weeks, his eye may be removed or sewn shut during his neuter surgery.  He is currently still receiving some expensive eye medications, so we are still hoping for donations to cover these costs!

Other than his eye, Frank has been so healthy and happy! Frank loves to play and romp with his siblings. And he loves to snuggle on his foster family's lap. Frank is still looking for his forever family!


Heath was hit by a car in front of one of our rescue partners in Puerto Rico! Thankfully she was able to catch him after he ran off.  Now this sweet boy is part of the LDAR family and we need your help to cover the vet bills for his injuries!

Update on our wonderful yellow lab in Puerto Rico!! The vet said that Heath's leg is healing well. It will still be a few more weeks until they can take his cast off, but everyone at LDAR is counting the days for him!!

Heath's tail is wagging more these days, but he is in serious need of pampering and exercise. Heath is currently keeping things calm, but you can tell there is a playful dog inside that he is not quite letting out yet. Heath's skin and fur are looking amazing these days and he has gained weight. Once Heath gets his cast removed, he gets to go to Doggie DayCare to start feeling like the playful boy we know he is and it will also help get him ready for his long flight to starting his new life!!

Heath thanks everyone for their support to date, but still has some bills to cover and could still use everyone at LDAR's support. He's come such a long way!!


This beautiful golden boy arrived from the shelter with what we thought was a typical case of kennel cough, very common in dogs stressed from travel and transitions, and usually resolves after a few days with antibiotics, good food and a warm place to sleep.  Unfortunately, McDowell took a turn for the worse and may have the flu, pneumonia or worse.  In spite of feeling so badly, his sweet, gentle and loving disposition has shown through during the few days he's been in foster!  He had to be taken to the vet, tests are in progress now, he may need an overnight stay in the hospital and his bills are piling up quickly.

Please help us cover the costs of his care today so we can get this great boy feeling better soon! 



You may remember us writing a month ago about a Lucky Kitten named Mistletoe, who was in need of some funding to see a vision specialist after losing her sight.  Thanks to your support, Mistletoe saw Dr. Corcoran at Vet Vision Friday morning and we received very good news.

Dr. C believes the scarring was most likely caused by the Herpes virus.  She took Mistletoe off all her meds except for steroid eye drops to keep her membranes from getting inflamed.  She feels that the scar tissue growing over and around the eye can be removed as well as a small portion of the 3rd eyelid, which has scarred in place. This will:

  1. allow Mistletoe's eyes to continue to grow normally...right now they are being tethered by the scarred tissues
  2. improve her vision immensely.

She should be good to go after the surgery, only needing an ointment during the healing period to keep the scarred tissue from recurring.  She will be having surgery on the 11th of February and hopefully we will have a great outcome!

In the mean time, Mistletoe can relax a little knowing that her Lucky Dog family has helped her get the care she needs. And what better resting place than a nap in her kitty activity tower?


A picture's worth a thousand words, but sometimes, a dog's resilience can't be measured in numbers.

Meet Boss, one of our newest Lucky Dogs looking for a forever home. Rescued by the Washington Humane Society from a horrible abuse situation, this big boy was completely emaciated, at almost half what his healthy weight should have been. He had a terrible skin infection and was in desperate need of some TLC.

He was soon after taken in by our Lucky Dog Animal Rescue foster boarding partner, Wagtime, in an effort to get him healthy and adoption ready. Together, we set out to offer Boss the new life he deserved. Despite the rough road he found himself on, through no fault of his own, Boss has maintained a sweet, incredibly loving disposition. He greets clients at Wagtime Too's front desk and very nicely will ask for treats and pets...and since he's got to put on some weight, how could anyone say no to that sweet face?

Boss continues down the road to recovery, and he gets better every day. He has been steadily putting on weight, and his skin is beginning to clear up. We can't help but notice how handsome our boy looked this past weekend while he loved on people and looked for a forever home that is going to give him a much brighter future. While we can't begin to imagine the stories Boss could tell us from his life before his rescue, we're grateful to play a part in helping him write a new chapter.


Kailey was found when her previous owner abandoned her by throwing her out of a car. Sadly, this caused Kailey to fracture her front leg in multiple places, and she needs serious orthopedic surgery to repair the that is going to cost at least $4000!

At 7 months and 8 lbs, this baby girl needs our help to heal and regain the ability to walk again! Kailey is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. She adores humans of all ages, loves dogs, and even loves cats. We know she is going to make a perfect addition to any lucky family and Lucky Dog plans to do whatever it takes to make sure she finds the most loving and caring home possible to live out the rest of her life! We need YOUR help to be able to do this!


Tre the Pomeranian mix is the friendliest little dog you'll ever meet, he loves dogs and people.  After arriving at the shelter, we noticed he had a bad back leg, although he has adapted to it and scoots around on it quite well.  We took some X-Rays and noticed lots of loose wires in his hip.  It looked as though someone did a bad job trying to repair a break at one time.  The middle of his femur has been cut out and the wires didn't hold bones together, so his only option is to have his back leg amputated.

Tre will be coming to the DC area after his surgery with our veterinary partners in South Carolina.  Meanwhile, we are working hard to find a forever family and pay for his vet bills.  Please help our fluffy friend out by sponsoring him and paying for his care.


Adoptable Dani came to Washington, DC from the Lenoir County SCPA, in the little town of Kinston, NC.  Lucky Dog has been a proud rescue partner for this dedicated shelter for some time, and because of their rescue program with groups like Lucky Dog, nearly 800 dogs' lives, just like Dani's, were saved last year.

Shortly after Dani got to town to start her new life as a Lucky Dog, her foster mom noticed that Dani showed a slight limp on her right hind leg and ran a little funny after some time playing with her foster sister. Under normal conditions and without careful observation, this limp could have easily gone unnoticed, Dani was careful to put just a little pressure on the leg when she walked, and delicately shifted weight to her left side when she sat back on her haunches. We thought there may be an old injury so we took her to our friends at Hayfield Animal Hospital to get some X-Rays. Unfortunately, the X-Rays revealed Dani has a luxated hip and will need Femoral Head Osteotomy surgery.  Without it, this young lady, at only 1 year old, will continue to lose muscle mass and be arthritic at a very young age.  With it, she will be able to recover with some physical therapy and resume a healthy life.  The cost of this surgery is estimated to be $4,000 before physical therapy and follow-ups, but if you know us by now, then you know all our Lucky Dogs who need critical care receive it, and Dani is no exception.  But we need your help.  Please make a donation to Dani's care so that she literally has a leg to stand on.


Sweetie had been prescribed some Rimadyl to recover from her upcoming surgery, which was stowed in her foster's purse in the closet. Having stepped away from Sweetie for a short 5 minutes to take a call, Sweetie's foster came back to discover that Sweetie had gone exploring, and gotten into the pills. All of them were gone, and while our Lucky Pup seemed undaunted, her foster knew this was bad news and immediately called to find out what to do.

15 lb Sweetie had consumed a highly toxic amount of medicine, which for a dog her size could result in kidney failure and be fatal. Because her foster acted quickly and brought her straight into the emergency vet, things looked promising for our adventure girl. She was there for 72 hours receiving careful observation and lots of fluids. And because she is a Lucky Dog, we were there to make sure she received the care she needed for what could otherwise be a fatal mishap, whatever the cost. For us, that now means a $2,500 bill, and a sleepless night for her foster who spent the night at the emergency vet with her.

Later, Sweetie was given the okay to leave the emergency vet. Her foster was greeted with lots and lots of puppy kisses, and she was as enthusiastic as she had been before her incident, jumping up her foster's leg as if nothing happened at all.


This sweet boy Duncan was hit by a car and left to die on the side of the road in South Carolina. THANKFULLY, our volunteer, Pam Nalley, found him and scooped him up so he could get the orthopedic surgery he needed to become all fixed up to find his forever home!

Duncan is quite the amazing little beagle. Hit by a car, left for dead, surgery to repair muscle tissue and hip, infection, and finally amputation. Yet, his tail has not stopped wagging, he has not slowed down, he has not stopped showing his love to everyone he encounters!

Duncan's foster says he just LOVES kids, loves to play with other dogs, and loves his stuffed animals. He apparently has no idea he is a little different than his canine buddies.

We are so glad Duncan is healing and getting closer to finding his forever home! Without your support Lucky Dog would not have been able to do what they do best. There are still bills to be paid for Duncan's surgery, please consider helping Lucky Dog out so they can continue to help save pups and introduce them to new loving forever homes!


Chief came to the shelter in South Carolina without back feet. In fact, someone or something had taken part of both back legs. Yet, despite such a horrible experience, Chief has not lost his faith in this world - or in mankind. He is a loving and affectionate dog. This alone is amazing but it is not all that makes Chief special. Because his hind legs got sore from walking on skin that was not created to act like a foot, Chief needed something to protect his limbs. In other words, Chief needed prosthetics.



Spot got hit by a car. We're not sure how he got out of his foster's house, but once he did, he unsuccessfully tried to cross River road and was hit. The driver did not stop, but luckily a good Samaritan did. She rushed Spot to Friendship Animal Hospital where vets and technicians immediately got to work.At this time, we know that Spot has multiple fractures in one hind leg and his pelvis. We expect that the orthopedic surgeon will operate tomorrow so long as no complications emerge overnight.



This sweetheart is Frankie. He got away from his foster mom and was hit by a car! He needed major orthopedic surgery on his pelvis to fix the two fractures. Surgery cost nearly $5,000!!!



Octavia had carpus valgus, a condition in which the bones in her feet did not grow properly. The good news is the condition is treatable. The bad news is the treatment was surgery. The worse news is that both legs needed to have surgery simultaneously.... and that there was a second follow up to remove the pins put in her legs in an effort to realign her bones.


This little guy is Devon. He was at the vet in South Carolina getting neutered in advance of his big transport to the DC area. As they were intubating him, the vet noticed the back of his jaw was fractured, and recommended immediate follow up. As soon as he made it to the big city, we took him straight to Hayfield Animal Hospital where Dr. Smith took x-rays to confirm. Devon's entire lower jaw was fractured. It looked like someone KICKED him in the face. How anyone could do that to a 10 lb chihuahua as sweet as little Devon, is completely beyond us! Devon was immediately scheduled for surgery



Sebastian arrived from South Carolina with incredibly painful ears. They looked like cauliflower -- with the sides of the ear canal swollen totally shut. When we took him to the vet, we were told he probably had been suffering from chronic ear infections for most of his life! Poor Baby!!! We brought him to a surgeon who sedated Sebastian so he could look inside the swollen canals. Once he saw the massive infection, the surgeon realized we had no choice but to remove both ear canals. The bad news is that Sebastian will never hear again. The good news is he came through surgery well and will not be in pain!!



Sweet Aaliyah was going out for a run with her foster mom when she got startled, pulling the leash out of her foster's hands. Aaliyah made a mad dash for the safety of her home, and seemed, at first glance to be no worse for the wear other than a few scratches on her paws. By nightfall, however, it was evident that something was very wrong. Aaliyah was not eating, drinking, or getting up out of her bed. A trip to the vet the next day showed that Aaliyah had broken bones in three of her four paws!! The very next day, we rushed Aaliyah to Dr. Snakard, our wonderful orthopedic surgeon at the Veterinary Surgical Center, who told us that Aaliyah would need surgery on her right front foot to realign the broken bones. The left front foot was not as badly injured so would heal in a splint. Her right would also heal on its own, but needed to be placed in a cast



Trixie needs a new hip! This young girl has been in pain and has a little limp. She is way too young for this to slow her down. She is scheduled to undergo what is called an FHO surgery to reconstruct her joint. There is a great prognosis for this surgery and it is essential for her to live a happy, active and painfree life! This surgery will cost about 4K and that's before the Physical Therapy and followups. Please help Trixie afford this necessary surgery!


Today Aden was rushed to Southpaws Veterinary Specialists with difficulty breathing. After extracting more than 2 liters of air from his chest (air that was leaking out of his lungs), the vets determined he needed emergency surgery. After a little over an hour, the surgery was complete and Aden one lobe of Aden's left lung was removed. Aden came through the surgery with flying colors and is now resting comfortably. The prognosis at this point is very good.

Lucky Dog now needs to fundraise the $7,000 Aden's emergency surgery costs! Please consider donating!


Hillary arrived at Lucky Dog with a noticeable limp. X-rays showed that she had a rotated femur bone from an old fracture. The rotation prevented her knee from properly functioning and caused her extreme pain. Hillary had surgery to clean out the arthritis, fix the rotated femur, and re-groove the knee so it functions properly. Hillary came through surgery with flying colors!!!


Nyla is a beautiful 1 yr old yorkie mix who thought she had a great life -- until her owner took her for her first car ride and didn't tie her in! During the ride, she got scared and jumped out the window!! While trying to catch her, the owner ran over Nyla with the car, getting into an accident with another car at the same time.Nyla was taken to the emergency room with with multiple hip fractures. The vet recommended surgery to repair the hips or conservative therapy (crate rest) while the fractures healed on their own.The owner declined all options and was going to euthanize her. Since the vet hospital didn't want to put her down, they asked Lucky Dog for help. She had surgery on Friday, 7/8


Gabriella, this beautiful little Spaniel is a total sweetheart. We noticed she was limping on her front leg, and it took a visit to an expensive veterinary specialist to reveal it was caused by an old injury that had not been treated. Gabriella likely had a traumatic injury that fractured her humerus bone, and because it was never treated it did not heal properly. The good news is that it can be treated, and Lucky Dog is raising money for her surgery! When she was originally injured, no one cared enough to get her the medical care she needed. Now, she has an entire team of Lucky Dog volunteers and contributors supporting her. Please join this team and donate today! You will be helping Gabriella get the medical care she needs, so she can move on to live a happy and pain-free life!


Poor Tom! He woke up one morning with strange swelling in his ears. After rushing him to the vet, we learned that he had hematomas in both ears! Even worse, he needed surgery to fix them!We've done some on-line research about aural hematomas, and learned that an aural hematoma is a swelling involving the earflap (referred to as the pinna) and is caused by a rupture of a blood vessel under the skin. As the ruptured blood vessel bleeds it creates a pocket of serum and blood in the space between the skin and the cartilage of the pinna. Usually it is caused by excessive head shaking, scratching, or trauma to the ear, but in Tom's case, we don't know why they appeared!


Required $4000 FHO surgery to live pain free.