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Do you have a Lucky Dog? Share Your Story with us!

Buddy, came back to Lucky Dog after being adopted out because he tore his cruciate ligament (human equivalent: ACL) when he slipped on ice.  This is when we found him, broken or not, and we had to have him.  Due to his severe under bite, we found it fitting to rename him Bucky because of his buck
We have had Paisley for a year and a half now but we feel like she's been a part of the family for much longer than that.
Slater, as in the world's #1 surfer Kelly Slater, (fka Marx) has adapted well to our home. He is beyond a sweet boy, and he has been trying to bond with our other guy, Finley. 
I was lucky enough to take home Bangles, who now goes by Charlotte (Charlie for short), and I wanted to give you a quick update and say thank you. 
We recently adopted Sallie and Giselle and wanted you to know that they are amazing, we love them, and they are doing great.  They are so far very compatible and play together wonderfully.  They start obedience class on Sunday and we will take them through the CGC process.  They are both smart, f
With our family in town, we decided to go for a walk around Shirlington and ended up visiting Dogma Bakery. I noticed a gorgeous little cat in a cage beside the cashier and immediately saw a playful, fun and loveable kitten. We played with him and the cashier told us he was up for adoption.
We met online, and when I saw her sitting pretty in her profile picture I knew we would be best friends forever. She was really scared at first, she was a little shaggy and very small. But my husband and I got her a bath, a pretty miss haircut, and some good snuggles and now she is a new
I saw Bailey online and drove all the way down to North Carolina to meet her. She had heartworms and was already an adult dog so she didn't have much time left. I fell in love right away and got this girl a week later!! She got her heartworm treatment and is happy as could be!! We
Mom & Dad are now both retired, they said more time to go to the dog park & long walks.  We are at the Outer Banks celebrating.  Mom & Dad said to say thank you for bringing us together.


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