Are you ready for Halloween and the Holiday Season?!  Get your favorite costumes and party favors from Costume and Party Fundraiser, and, at the same time donate to a great... more »
India has had her name changed to Nala, after the Lion King.  Her coat has grown in substantially to the point where she feels more like a downy towel than a dog.  There is no longer a ridge of hair on her back as a lot has grown in.  She is still fearful, but is improving every day.  She is the... more »
Just wanted to let you all know that Candy, now Robin, is settling in and already quite a part of our family!  Lucky Dog Alum, Pixie, is warming up to the idea of having another Lucky Dog in the house.  We are keeping Pixie's routine as close to normal as possible.  We had alone time at flyball... more »
In the words of Ricardo:  One week in and we are learning a lot.  We had our first vet visit, and our walks are getting better.  I can still go to daycare which is a big stress reliever for my adopted parents!  I'm even learning new tricks with food and clickers.  I'm good at the dog park too!!!!  ... more »
We had a good night and morning.  Lizzy tried out every piece of furniture in our living room, played lots of tug-o-war, tried to eat one of Jack's shoes.  We put the crate in the boys room and she did some barking but she settled pretty easily and was quiet until Lucy came in to wake her up this... more »
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