A Little Bit of Luck

Rescue Tails from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

By: Michelle Riffe |
It was love at first sight! 
By: Charles Kackley |
It began like the rest. My daughter texted me a link to a Lucky Dog in boarding that needed a foster family. The link was for a young guy named Russell. He was some crazy mix of boxer and a dozen other things. His head and paws were too big for his body.
By: Laura Hart |
I’ve adopted rescue dogs most of my adult life, always having one or two as part of my family. They were all amazingly resilient and adaptable, despite having been through so much. Harriett the lab mix is no exception.
By: William Galbreath |
My Journey Into Rescue began after Hurricane Harvey, and soon afterward Tropical Storm Irma.
By: Kim Aslen |
I originally had no intention of adopting a cat... but I love kitties and often toyed with the idea of adopting. A friend of mine who is heavily involved in cat adoptions for Lucky Dog proposed a great idea – cat fostering!
It’s all still very much a blur. I arrived a few weeks ago from South Carolina. They put us in a loud machine for a long time and when we got out this big man picked us up and took us home. He calls me Zena – I have no idea what that means so don’t ask.
By: Arielle Wait |
I adopted Tucker when he was 8 weeks old. I was 21 and in college. I always joke that I’m surprised we both made it to where we are now, 11 years later. He ate through couches, tried to run away, liked to chase cats and would rip my clothing while playing.
By: Sue Daniels |
For a couple of years, there was hardly a week that went by that we did not have Lucky Dog puppies in our house. Sometimes there were one or two. Other times there was a large litter of rambunctious little (or not so little) ones camped out in our basement.
By: Sue Caley - Foster Mom Extraordinaire |
Our very own star of “I Love Lucy” Lucky Dog Edition made her freedom ride from an Animal Control Facility in South Carolina around 3 weeks ago. She was over weight and just stood around, not making eye contact and looking uncomfortable.
By: Emily Jagdmann |
Dehydrated. Exhausted. Helpless. Puppies easily hold a special place in most people’s hearts at the best of times, but for our Lucky Dog volunteers who had arrived in Puerto Rico that weekend, it was a sight they would never forget.


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