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Dali my "angel" has been such a comfort throughout these past few months.  He has a wonderful, sweet and funny personality.
Update on Slater: Finished Therapy Dog training, now visiting Cancer Kids all over the country. Making huge differences, creating wonderful smiles! Here at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
We were looking for a friend for our other rescue.  I saw Ruby's (fka "Ruthie") face on your website and fell in love.  She has been the best companion for her brother, and just the most incredible dog.  As you can see from the picture, that chair is her favorite place to perch.  She also loves t
September 2014 I attended an adoption event with the hopes of walking awaywith my new best friend. After 2 hours of meeting and greeting dozens ofwonderful pups, I still hadn't met my match. But as I was leaving, I was
Dear Lucky Dog Rescue,
Dear Lucky Dog,
Jordan (Jordie) was a bounce-around rescue pup. According to the adoption papers, I was Jordie's third family in 2 years.
Our Australian Shepard mix, "Sophie" passed away in 2010.
It’s been a year since we adopted Cheech into our lives.  When we received her from the transport team she was a fuzzy puppy from the streets of Puerto Rico that was timid and unsure.  It took a while, but she has blossomed into one huuuuuuge personality.  She is a big talker with high energy, in
We are close to the end of our second year with our sweet Finley (fka Henrietta) and we couldn't be happier with our rescue pup.  She's been a positive, loving addition to our family and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her.  She's still very much a chewer (this part we hope she outgrows at s


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