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2017 Casino Night Silent Auction  Thank You to These Generous Businesses and Individuals for Donating Fabulous Silent Auction Items.  Check back to see what's new! Two Night Stay at aDeep Creek LakeLog Cabin Donated by Tim and Michelle Hoffman Weekend at aPrivate Beach Housein... more »
UPDATE: This weekend, Lucky Dog welcomed in 88 animals impacted but Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  At 11 am yesterday, 13 dogs arrived from Texas -- shelter dog survivors of Hurricane Harvey who had no homes before the storm -- and even less chance after the storm. At 2:30, more than 50 dogs came in from Florence, South Carolina.  Because their shelter is a state evacuation site, we needed to move dogs out so that dogs impacted by Irma in the southern and coastal parts of the state would have a place to go.  25 evacuation dogs were brought in just after ours moved out. And, finally, at 10pm we... more »
It's the moment we've all been waiting see DC Refined's 2017 Photoshoot: Most Eligible Bachelors Featured with Adoptable Dogs. Each Lucky Dog was paired with a bachelor, and they both spent some time getting to know each other to help each other find their perfect match. You can find the full lineup here: To adopt any of the Lucky Dogs pictured in this gallery, email us at... more »
Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is partnering with DC Refined for their 2nd Annual Most Eligible Bachelors with Adoptable Dogs Photoshoot! Adoptable Carmen and Caroline went on ABC7 WJLA's Good Morning Washington show today to promote the shoot, and can't wait to get their photos taken with DC's most distinguished men later this week. Check out the full news segment here: http://... more »
Every year Lucky Dog Animal Rescue participates in Strut Your Mutt. This is our largest fundraising effort of the year – because wonderful volunteers like YOU help us raise money for our Lucky Dogs and Cats by participating in this fundraising campaign.  With a team of over 100 strong, Lucky Dog is in the running to win an extra $10,000 from Best Friends IF we are the top fundraising network partner at the end of October. To do that, WE NEED YOU!!!... more »
We are so proud of our Lucky Dog Kids Club Member Extroadinarie - Rachel for being selected as one of Crayons and Collars’ Pawsitive Impact Kids. Read the full story here as taken from One of Lucky Dog Animal Rescue’s most valued volunteers and advocates is an unexpected one: Nine-year-old Rachel Barold from Bethesda, Md. This third grader has a passion for helping animals and does everything in her power to make a difference. Rachel has always been an animal advocate, says her mom Helen, but now that she’s a little older (she just turned 9), this dedicated kid has... more »
Causes and Solutions for On-Leash Reactivity One of the most common issues that we are contacted for is inappropriate on-leash behavior. Many dogs that do quite well off-leash have on-leash problems with other dogs, strangers, children, bicycles, motorcycles, joggers, etc. Most common is problems walking by another dog without a big reaction (lunging/growling/barking). There are a few different possible motivations for this behavior:   Fear of physical harm from whatever they are reacting to. This is the most common reason. Even if your dog is lunging toward the other dog,... more »
Lucky Dog Animal Rescue’s Emily Jagdmann spoke to Middle and Elementary school students about how to build a path to college and career opportunities in the animal rescue and animal rights field. Many students shared their love of animals. From girls who dream of being lawyers and politicians to boys dreaming of being veterinarians, we spoke about how to best combine their passions and skills, and how everyone can make a difference for animals in need!
Thirty cents a day. It doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but to our Lucky Dogs, thirty cents a day can mean the difference between life and death. Thirty cents a day – or $9 a month – can vaccinate a Lucky Dog against the deadly distemper virus. Can save his or her life. Today, we invite YOU to take an important step. We ask you to join the Lucky Stars – our monthly giving program – to ensure that we never have to say good bye to another dog inflicted with a... more »
Socialization and Exposure The importance of socialization and exposure to different people, dogs, and environments is a major component in helping set rescue dogs up for success. The difference between a fearful or anxious dog and a confident, well balanced dog is frequently genetic, but that does not mean we can make a difference through their experiences. Even rescue dogs beyond puppy age often would benefit from controlled, positive exposure to different people, dogs, and environments, as many rescue dogs are under-exposed during their puppy days. In recent years, there... more »
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