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The Adoption Process

When you are ready to adopt a new pet from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue it helps to understand our adoption process. Our goal is place pets into the best possible home, and to ensure you and your new pet are a good fit!

If you are interested in having Lucky Dog Animal Rescue help you find the best fit, please ask us about our Lucky Dog Matchmaking

Step 1

Complete an Adoption Application Form for either a Cat or a Dog and follow the directions on the form to submit to Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

Step 2

You will be contacted by a Lucky Dog Animal Rescue Adoption Coordinator, who will discuss your application, identify your needs and preferences and conduct an initial screening.

Step 3

Your Adoption Coordinator will conduct any required checks, like setting up a home visit, where a knowledgable volunteer will help identify any risks or items to monitor when your new pet comes home, confirming with your landlord any pet restricitons (if you rent), and checking with your current vet to ensure your pets are up to date on their medical needs (if you are a current pet owner).

Step 4

If everything checks out, you will be either Pre Approved and able to adopt a new pet from Lucky Dog, or you'll be Approved for the specific pet you are interested in. If you are Pre-Approved you can view the list of current animals online, Attend one of our weekly Adoption Events to meet our pets, or you can put in a specific request to your Adoption Cooridinator if you are looking for a certain type of pet we currently don't have available.