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Lucky Stars Monthly Giving Program

Thirty cents a day.

It doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but to our Lucky Dogs, thirty cents a day can mean the difference between life and death. Thirty cents a day – or $9 a month – can vaccinate a Lucky Dog against the deadly distemper virus. Can save his or her life.

Today, we invite YOU to take an important step. We ask you to join the Lucky Stars – our monthly giving program – to ensure that we never have to say good bye to another dog inflicted with a preventable disease.For just $9 per month (thirty cents a day), you can literally save a life.

Become A Lucky Star TODAY!

Time is of the essence. In the last three weeks, we have seen a distemper epidemic sweep across South Carolina, preying on dogs who are not properly vaccinated. Wiping out entire shelters, including our own partners in Florence County. We lost seven dogs to this distemper outbreak. Each one robbed of her chance to find a loving family. Each death entirely preventable with a $9 vaccine. Yet, even as we write this, as the faces of the fallen haunt our dreams, we know there is still hope. We have THIRTY dogs in quarantine, and we are committed to seeing them through.

As a Lucky Star, a monthly gift of $9 – just .30 cents a day – will help ensure dogs like Chris, Kelly, Lars, and Leopold will have the chance to find a forever family – and a lifetime of love.

Monthly gifts are critical to Lucky Dog's survival. And, the cumulative impact of our Lucky Stars – at whatever amount you can afford – is more than you can imagine.

Every day thousands of animals end up in high-kill shelters - some with 95% kill-rates!

By joining Lucky Stars - Monthly Giving Program, your sustaining gift provides ongoing support so Lucky Dog can ALWAYS help an animal in need.

Lucky Stars Benefits

  • A special semi-annual newsletter

For Donations of $20 or More

  • Above benefits plus your name listed on the Lucky Stars Web page*
  • An exclusive Lucky Stars Tote Bag**

For Donations of $35 or More

  • Above benefits plus a semi-annual conference call campaign updates with Lucky Dog Founder and Executive Director, Mirah Horowitz

Did you know that for just $9 per month -- as little as the cost of one trip to Chipotle -- you can forever change the life of an animal in need? Your tax-deductible monthly gift will save the life of a dog or cat!

Whether you commit to $5, $9, $20 a month or more, we ask that you become a Lucky Dog Lucky Star TODAY. Your monthly gift will have a profound and lasting effect on so many deserving dogs and cats. Your gift will save a life.


* If you do not wish your name to be listed on our Web page, please contact Debbi Miller to opt out.

** Allow 4-6 weeks for the tote bag delivery. Tote will be shipped to the contact information address provided here. Shipping only available to the Continental U.S. If you have any questions, please contact, Debbi Miller If you are currently giving at the $20 level or above, we will automatically ship you a tote.

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Founding Lucky Stars:

Agnes Marisa Kathryn Wood
Amanda Joca Kinga Zamecki
Amy Carlile Kristin Romeo
Andrea Raggambi Kristina Radonjic
Andrew Goetze Kristine Ulrich
Anne O'Brien Laura Bachor
Autumn Lengle Laura Barton
Barbara Doutt Laura St. Martin
Brian J Zwit Photography LLC Lindsey Devore
Carrie Zulanas Lindsey Labus
Chelsea Severson Lisa Ryan
Christel Fonzo Lyle Kellman
Christina Boulton Marcy Rol Terrell
Connie Strachan Maria Cortina Hughes
Dana Levitan Mark Thorpe
David Golemboski Matthew Berens
Dawn Dillon Maureen Atkins Vollmer
Dawn Kopecki Michael Carroll
Donna Reigle Michael Parizer
Dorothy Raizman Olga Crerar
Erica Caputo Peggy Baum
Gail Bouton Ron Castaldi
Hanah Smith Samuel Rumford
Holly Carter Sarah Wolfe
Irene Bayron Shannon Dencsy
Jack Gorman Productions Shannon Rampe
Jackie Bellocchi Stephanie Johnson
Jaime Bellemare Sue Caley
Jamie Cheek Susan DeYoung
Joanie Stewart Teresa Flanagan
Joanna Zaner Thomas Mitts
Julie Lafave Timothy Keeton
Kara Velasquez Vera Schmitt
Karen Palazzo Anonymous